Choosing your stage name

by missglamourpuss

Miss Gally Glamourpuss

Choosing your stage name is tricky. I agreed to model for a friend’s event and was faced with the decision on naming my fabulous on stage persona.

A good stage name is catchy, yet not obvious or too cliched. Too nice is just boring and anything too raunchy will only make you sound like a drag queen!

First thing I did was to head over to Striptease Symposium to consult this article by Penny Starr Jr.

She bans the use of the most common words like: Kitten, Kitty, Vixen, Honey, Von, Lux or Deluxe, Lola, de Ville, Violette, Pinky, Femme or Belle based on the simple fact that they have already been used by every other showgirl all over the world. I was already doomed by this point as I wanted to keep ‘Glamourpuss‘ as the latter part of my stage name.

I tried the porn name method she advocates (the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on), but I quickly discarded ‘Bella Shaft‘. Not quite what I was after.

She suggests that the use of legendary car models might be a good starting point. And I have to admit that Continental, Coupe, SuperSport, Zephyr, Valiant, Corvair, Mustang, Nova, Futura, Mercury, Rocket 88, Metropolitan, Citrone, and Fiat are actually quite interesting. Maybe just a tad masculine for my liking?

However, my favourite part of her advice was naming yourself after alcohol! How delightfully decadent! How about Martini, Campari, Negroni, Gin Fizz, Dubonet, etc. I was quite attached to ‘Martini Delight’, but gave it up as I still was hoping I might come up with a name that works with ‘Glamourpuss’.

There is plenty more advice in the article, so if you find yourself stuck like I was, go ahead and read some more.

In the end I relied to the good old Thesaurus method and the aid of a good friend. We looked up words that I related to and after a long night, my friend found ‘gally‘. Not only does it sound like a combination of ‘gal’ and ‘girly’, I loved the meaning of the word:

Definition: ridiculing
Synonyms: cheeky, cocky, contemptuous, crusty, disdainful, flip, fresh, gally, insulting, jeering, mocking, nervy, out-of-line, rude, sarcastic, sassy, scoffing, scornful, smart, smart-alecky, taunting
complimentary, flattering, praising, respectful

Also, I like the way the word doesn’t seem to officially exist at all, and another Thesaurus entry contradicted the previous definition entirely.

So there it is:

Dr. Sketchy's poster

I’m done. How’s yours coming along?

Miss Glamourpuss

P.S. If you’re really stuck and running out of time, here’s a Burlesque Name Generator that can spit out off the shelf stage names.

Photography & styling by Pixie from Boogie Bop Dames.

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